Intelligent Employee Scheduling

Centered around historical sales data directly from your POS.

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Want your data to work for you?

Start using your sales history to make intelligent decisions!

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Want to reduce your labor costs?

Better predict when your hot floors vs. cold floors will occur and schedule around them.

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Want to spend less time scheduling?

Our easy to use tools save you time and hassle setting up your weekly schedule.

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Want to manage your business better?

Use built in key performance indicators.

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Want to make Payroll easier?

Export your time clock and payroll data and send to most common payroll services.

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Are you over or under staffed?

Find out and make scheduling changes easily using the Scheduling Plus software.

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Are you spending too much on labor?

Get it reigned in using the key performance indicators built into the system.

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Scheduling+ Scheduling


  • Save time scheduling with easy drag and drop interface
  • View scheduled lunches to prevent stacking
  • Stay within your labor budget
  • Reduce your overtime costs
  • Email and text employee schedules
  • Manage time off requests
  • Schedule overnight shifts
  • Delegate tasks to employees
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Scheduling+ Timeclock


  • Manage timecards efficiently
  • Compare actual versus scheduled hours
  • Report missed shifts, late clock-ins, early clock outs, break times, and more
  • Access payroll costs for any time period
  • Compare actual versus budgeted labor costs
  • Save time processing payroll
  • Export payroll data for your payroll provider
  • Web based - no additional hardware required
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Scheduling+ Task Management

Task Management

  • Assign employees tasks that automatically populate for them upon login
  • View and mark completed from Time Clock
  • Both recurring as well as one-time tasks
  • Keep up to date on task status within your store(s) easily
  • Intelligent task assignment - if an employee isn’t able to perform a task, you can’t assign it
  • Ability to print task cards
  • Email employee tasks
  • Export task to PDF, CSV, and Excel
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Weekly Schedule View


Easily assign, copy, and manage employees shifts with the use of templates. The daily view provides you with breakdown of your days with lunch shifts so you can refine even more.

Set your labor budgets and employee costs to calculate expected expenses. These help keep you within your payroll budget.

Time Clock Portal

Time Clock

The Time Clock allows your employees to quickly and easily log their hours using one of two different Time Clock Portal layouts.

Management Reports provide you with lists of missed shifts, late clock ins, early clock-outs, overtime, and more. You can even set up overtime alerts to help avoid extra payroll expenses.

Payroll can be exported to PDF, XLS, and CSV format allowing you to import figures directly into many popular payroll solutions.

Task Management


Assign tasks to your employees directly from the schedule or from the task assignment screen.

Delivery tasks via email or task cards. Tasks can also be viewed by employees from the time clock portal or their personal dashboards.

Track assigned tasks directly from the Dashboard. View a list of unassigned, uncompleted, and completed tasks.

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How It Works

In a nutshell, our web based software will help you make intelligent business decisions on a day to day basis - from scheduling employees, to tasks, timeclock, and so much more.

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"The time clock functionality and payroll interface has substantially improved our ability to execute payroll on a timely and accurate basis. We now can edit time clock information, consolidate it, and deliver to our third-party payroll source in a matter of minutes. I'm a real fan. "

Kelli Willis  |  Ace Hardware

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