Scheduling+ is priced to be affordable - get efficient today - make the switch and start scheduling employees based on real-time data. Monthly pricing starting at just $1 per employee.

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Setup data migration interface

Setup Your Company

A sleek interface makes it easy - entering tasks, employees, and your starting schedule is a breeze!

In addition, our team is ready to assist with your data migration. Using a different system? Let us know and we'd be happy to help you get your data imported and ready to use within the Scheduling+ software.

When it comes to setup - we don't leave you in the dark - our trained staff is ready to support your install and provide a stellar customer service experience.

Connect to your point of sale data

Connect to your POS data

We provide key metrics like how many staff you need to have for a given day...when your hot and cold floors occur...what tasks are assigned to which employees, and their status...what your average and predicted sales look like...and many others!

Software tools to optimize payroll costs

Let our software do the rest

With your company setup, and your POS data tied in - it’s time to take control. Per the National Retail Hardware Association Cost of Doing Business Study, high profit stores spend 2% less on payroll. Scheduling+ delivers a simple to use tool driven by the actual business metrics to effectively optimize payroll costs.

Employees will love receiving their schedule electronically along with the 24/7 access to scheduling details and time-off requests.

Scheduling Plus calendar software

No expensive hardware required. No software to install or manage. Simply access from any web browser or tablet.

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Managers to communicate with employees

Managers can eliminate distractions and get more done by using Scheduling+ to communicate with employees.