The Benefits of Subscribing

  • Easy-to-use, intelligent scheduling tool driven by actual point-of-sale data and company budgets.
  • No expensive hardware required. Simply access from any web browser or tablet.
  • Increase employee satisfaction - availability, preferences and capabilities are all part of the scheduling process.
  • Employees and managers appreciate 24/7 access to scheduling system.
  • Easy to manage employee change requests & unexpected absences by quickly reviewing available employees with necessary skill-sets.
  • Managers eliminate distractions & get more done by using Scheduling+ to communicate with employees.
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Import Spreadsheet

Import Spreadsheet

In order to expedite the setup process we encourage you to fill out and submit a copy of our Import Spreadsheet. The more you complete, the less you'll have to enter in manually later.

Download Spreadsheet

Please note that one of the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet is titled "Instructions". Please read through this prior to filling out the spreadsheet. You can also view detailed information in the Getting Started article in our Knowledge Base.

Once you have completed the spreadsheet, either email it back to us at We will then import your data into the application and send you a welcome email.

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The form below is for customer interested in the self-service option.
If you wish to expedite the setup process please view the information above regarding the import spreadsheet solution.

It takes about 24 hours to process your request. Once processed you will receive a welcome email with a verification link. Once verified you will receive login credentials.
For more information on setting up your account manually please refer to our Knowledge Base.

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