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Scheduling Plus is the ultimate in streamlining efficiency! Here are just some of the features of the best employee scheduling software.


Create and edit your schedule with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. With the ability to manage time-off requests, check employee availability, and review total hours, you’ll never second-guess the schedule again.

Time Clock

Allow employees to clock in from anywhere, or from one workplace portal. Prevent buddy punching and early clock-ins. Receive alerts as an employee approaches OT.


Save time and stay accurate when TimeClock is automatically synced with payroll, and payroll can be instantly exported to major payroll providers. Stay under budget by reviewing scheduled payroll versus actual payroll, tracking overtime, and stopping tampering.

Task Management

Assign, track and manage all important tasks right from your dashboard. Give staff a complete view of their tasks right in their TimeClock, through alerts and email.

Open Shifts

Open Shifts allows your employees to self-schedule themselves while saving the manager’s time spent on considering which specific employee he wants to work the job.

Achieve Scheduling Peace

Scheduling doesn’t have to be a headache. With Scheduling+, it’s smart, fast, and sets your business up for success, all week long.

Say Goodbye, Overtime

End unnecessary overtime costs when you get alerts to know when an employee is within X hours of overtime that week, so you can avoid assigning them additional shifts.

Add Security & Accuracy

Combat time theft and buddy punching with features such as clock-in from a neutral location, photo verification, and early clock-in limits. Selectively grant permissions to managers to help you approve timesheets and run payroll.

Save Time

Employees love the easy, mobile TimeClock. Managers love seeing their whole team schedule in one interface. Accounting saves time with downloadable payroll data in one place, easy timesheet print-outs, and instant integrations to payroll providers.
"This tool is a phenomenal leap forward in helping me to better manage my business."
Perry Garrett
Ace Hardware
"We’ve all but eliminated overtime in our Myrtle Beach franchise and we’ve come close to eliminating it in our Greenville franchise."
Ben Felner
Senior VP at PODS
"I now have all of the information I need at my fingertips. "
Tommy Ross
Ace Hardware
Manage employee scheduling, time & attendance,
communication, and tasking all within Scheduling+.

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