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scheduling plus 3 Quick Tips For Retaining Employees

3 Quick Tips For Retaining Employees

Retail businesses are fraught with employee challenges. While some people want to make a career in sales and hospitality, coffee, clothing or hardware, not all your employees will. Many who work in these industries are only using it as a temporary stop on their career journey. They also tend to be young people who have not found their calling yet. So how do you keep the high-performing ones on your staff as long as possible? 



An astounding 69% of employees admit that they are passively looking for a job, while 40% of these say they are planning on looking for a job within the next six months. One of the biggest reasons employees begin to look for a new job is the lack of growth opportunities they are offered. In fact, 87% of millennials say that professional growth and job development opportunities are their top priorities in a job. After a certain amount of time, employees master their current position, and they crave more challenges, more responsibilities, and more intellectual stimulation. For retail stores, consider giving these employees more responsibilities or even a promotion. You could even offload one of the tasks you don’t enjoy doing, such as managing invoices, to an employee. Every little step helps.


If you show your employees on a continual basis how much they are appreciated despite being yelled at by clients, having angry customers vent because your store is out of something, or otherwise have a bad day at work, they are more apt to stay. It’s the little things, as well, that can make a difference. Free donuts on Fridays and coffee in the morning will go a long way to helping your employees get through the daily grind. Employees who do not feel appreciated are twice as likely to be job hunting.


Employees who have been at your company a long time may develop a bit of a chip on their shoulder. Managers and more senior team members may favor them, too. And there are other factors—such as friendships and previous relationships—cause some employees to be treated differently. This can all lead to some employees feeling that they’re underappreciated or aren’t given a fair shot to advance. The best way to counteract this is to set a standard for your employees, be clear about your expectations and transparency about your decisions, listen to employees when they express an opinion, and reward them based on their performance alone.

Make Employees Lives Easier


Being that the average employee exit costs about 33% of that person’s annual pay, most small businesses cannot afford to lose employees, let alone top employees. But your valued staff are more likely to stick around with an app that makes their work easier, faster, and more fair. 

Scheduling+ allows staff to easily ask their coworkers to change shifts, if approved by managers. It allows simply time-off requests, and quick approval by managers. Staff can clock-in and clock-out instantly–even from their phones. And it’s all transparent, with hours worked available for both managers and staff, to avoid misunderstandings and keep things fair. Finally, empower employees by giving them a list of exactly what they need to accomplish that day, with the Tasks portion of the app. 

The features don’t stop there. When you are looking for an all-in-one solution that offers payroll integration, task management, and employee scheduling ease, Scheduling+ has got your needs covered.  

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