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5 Problems Workforce Management Software Can Solve

Managing a business is hard work, especially when you run into little problems that could be easily fixed with a good workforce management software. While a problem might seem small, when you encounter that problem every single day, it can quickly escalate and ruin productivity. When you regularly experience more than one problem that has an easy solution, it can spell disaster. 

Below, we’re offering up five problems with easy-fixes. With the right WFM software, you can expect to get a better handle on these issues, increase your productivity, and make your workplace protocols more efficient. 

5 Problems WFM Software Solves

Unfair Or Unpredictable Work Schedules

Unfair work schedules don’t just suck for the employee, it has direct effects on how well your business is being managed and run. When you have an employee close the store on Monday night, only to have them open the store on Tuesday morning, you’re going to have a worker who isn’t being very efficient after only a few hours of sleep. If you manage a workplace that uses heavy machinery, this can even create a dangerous environment. 

By using an employee scheduling feature in our software, you can easily see that you are not overworking your employees which can help keep up their morale and increase the likelihood of retention and a job well done. 

Issues With Compliance

When “compliance issues” arise, most employers can smell a lawsuit coming. You can avoid some common compliance issues with a well-equipped software that can account for things like overtime payment, PTO accrual, and ensuring that you’re not overworking employees under the age of 18. If a problem does come up, you have an easily accessible record list for that employee to back you up. This allows you to settle matters quickly and avoid the hassle of skimming through spreadsheet after spreadsheet. 

Inefficient PTO Management

PTO shouldn’t be a guessing game. Employees either have accrued PTO or they don’t. A good software will automatically accrue paid time off for each employee based on your guidelines. When they use the system to request time off, they will be able to see how much PTO they have and when they can expect more. This prevents you from over- or under-paying employees when they take days off. 

Budget Discrepancies

Are you frequently paying more for payroll than you expected? It could be because Sally is being paid time-and-a-half for the 10 extra hours she worked, while Jim was under scheduled and only worked 30 hours this week. 

Our workforce management software can present you with records of your expected payroll budget compared to your actual payroll budget so that you can adjust employee schedules as needed to meet your projected spending, and not exceed it. 

System Integration

Finally, workforce management software can help avoid problems with system integration. If you’re using one program to schedule employees, another to assign tasks, another to track time, and a fourth to manage the payroll, are you really being as efficient as you can be? 

The Scheduling+ WFM software integrates all of your major systems into one convenient program. For example, the time clock feature allows employees to clock in and out, which will reflect on the payroll sheets. You can even export your payroll to the major payroll providers so there is even less manual work. 

Optimize Your Business With Workforce Management Software!

If you’re tired of dealing with the problems above, know that there’s a better way. Scheduling+ specializes in comprehensive employee scheduling and management software that can make your business run more efficiently. Reach out to our team today with questions or to schedule a free demo and see this software for yourself!