Workforce Management Software

A Look At Our Four Main Features

Scheduling+ is an all-in-one workforce management software solution designed to make all aspects of your business flow smoothly. But what exactly does all-in-one entail? Our software has four main components that work together to ensure every corner of your business is covered. Keep reading below to learn about the four main components of our WFM software and make sure to schedule your free demo so you can see just how our software can help manage your business! 


It is no surprise that a software called Scheduling+ has a scheduling feature! Our employee scheduling software uses a time-saving drag-and-drop interface and helps you stay within your labor budget and limit employees who work overtime hours. You can use this feature to schedule overnight shifts, manage time-off requests, visualize where you need more employees, send text and email updates to employees about their schedules, and much more! 


The TimeClock app can be used on the web or via Android or iOS devices. This feature allows employees to clock in and out directly from the app or their employee dashboard, meaning there is no need for messy papers or spreadsheets. You can receive alerts when an employee is about to overtime or their weekly hour capacity and you can be alerted if an employee misses their shifts, clocks in late, or leaves early. If you have trouble with employees “buddy punching,” you can also require a photo upon clocking in or out to ensure that the employee is the one who is physically in the building.


The payroll feature is fully integrated with the scheduling feature, so you can easily calculate an employee’s hours and automatically pay them for their time. There are factors in place to prevent payroll tampering and you can export the payroll report directly to many payroll providers. If you find yourself frequently running over your labor budget, the payroll feature can create a report comparing the estimated scheduled payroll costs versus the actual payroll cost. 

Task Management

Ensuring every employee knows what tasks need to be completed during their shift is key for keeping your business running smoothly. With the task management feature of our workforce management software, you can assign employees one-time or recurring tasks that will populate when they log in, send employees email reminders of tasks, print task cards, and more. With these features, you can easily see what tasks have been completed at your store or business without having to micromanage your employees. 

See How Scheduling+ Can Revolutionize Your Business

If you’re ready to optimize how your business is run, our workforce management software can help. With well-rounded features jam-packed with admin tools, you can ensure that you and your employees of any level are on the same page. Eliminate the room for error by having a fully integrated system that allows employees to accurately log their hours, see their daily tasks, and so much more. 

Schedule your Scheduling+ demo today to see how our software can improve the management of your business.