Workforce Management Software

A Look At Our Workforce Management Software Pricing

When choosing a workforce management software for your business, you want to strike a good balance between what you’re paying for the software and how much money it can help you save. If you’re overpaying for a software, you might find that you’re wasting money on the program when it would be cheaper to hire a full-time administrative assistant to handle all of the tasks that the WFM software is taking care of. 

At Scheduling+, we like to be transparent about our pricing and give you options so you can find that balance. We have three tiers of our software to ensure you are getting what you need and not paying for things you won’t use or won’t benefit your business. Below, you can learn more about our three pricing tiers and what you get with each one. 

For $2 a month per user…

You can get a basic plan that has just enough bells and whistles to keep things running smoothly. This includes drag-drop scheduling, group and individual messages, email and text notifications, mobile employee app, labor budget reports, managing of time off requests, unlimited support from our team, and more. 

This package would be great for a company that doesn’t need task management features, such as a company with just a small number of employees or one whose daily tasks do not change much day-to-day. 

For $4 a month per user…

You can get a medium-range plan that includes all of the above, plus features for task management, attendance reports, time clock alerts when employees clock in or out, automated PTO accrual, payroll system integration, and more.

This level of workforce management software is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses that have a lot of employees coming in and out of the door. It is also great for companies who need certain tasks completed throughout the day and would benefit from a task management software.

For $6 a month per user…

You can get a top-tier program that includes custom branding, API access, and a dedicated account manager, plus everything we’ve mentioned above. 

With custom branding and dedicated account management, this level is great for large corporations that really want a cohesive product that looks like it was designed for your business. This is also a great way to save money on hiring administrative employees and instead focus your budget on using a highly integrated software that does the job for you. 

Special Packages

If you have over 1000 employees or another special situation such as multiple locations, give us a call and we may be able to offer you competitive bulk pricing as well as a platform that works for multiple locations. 

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