As staff grew, scheduling was taking too much time. 

The North Carolina regional franchises of PODS, the nation’s largest portable moving and storage company, have nearly tripled their staff in recent years, but as they grew, scheduling became more complex. The senior VP of the regional franchises, Ben Felner, was still mapping the schedule out on paper, leading to problems. 

“It was difficult for us to keep the scheduling straight,” Felner said. “Employees didn’t like it because they had trouble planning their week, and we had difficulty controlling our overtime,” he said.

When they needed an employee the following day, they scheduled the person, but they didn’t have instant visibility into how many hours that person already worked. 

Overtime costs were hard to predict because Felner and his team didn’t realize until the last minute that they had scheduled an employee who was going to hit overtime. Felner looked for an easy solution to schedule his team from one interface and manage costs. 


One color-coded interface, overtime alerts, and more

With the Scheduling+ app, Felner has one screen where he can see every worker, color-coded by type, and slot them into the schedule. The “drag-and-drop” interface saves hours.

“It’s one less thing that we have to do when you only have a handful of managers to do everything, from hiring to HR to compliance to business metrics. And then you realize you have to help your team do the schedule this week. Well, not so much anymore—it’s right there,” Felner said. 

To avoid overtime costs, Felner set up an overtime alert that would notify him and his managers when a worker was within 10 hours of 40 hours, so he’d know when to hold off from scheduling that person that week. 

There’s also a TimeClock app, which you can place in a neutral location (like a breakroom) right on an iPad to combat time theft. “The security is an important feature,” Felner said. “There is other employee-scheduling software out there, but security is one of the things that sets Scheduling+ apart.”

Scheduling+ also saves PODS time other areas such as bookkeeping. Like all transportation companies, PODS could be audited by the Department of Transportation at any time, and if they were, all the workers’ hours are available to download right from the Scheduling+ app. 


Eliminating overtime, saving time 

After adopting Scheduling+, overtime costs are way down, time’s been saved, and the branch is continuing on its path of strong growth.

“We’ve all but eliminated overtime in our Myrtle Beach franchise and we’ve come close to eliminating it in our Greenville franchise,” Felner said.

And Scheduling+ has been a big time-saver for the business as a whole, leading Felner to recommend it to other small businesses. 

“It’s affordable, its scalable, and it really is easy,” Felner said.