Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling Software – Highlighting Our Many Benefits

In our previous (and first) post, we took the time to introduce ourselves here at Scheduling+ as your resource for employee scheduling software and much more. What is that much more? Well, that’s exactly what we will be highlighting in today’s post, in addition to the many benefits business owners, managers, and even employees can experience when they subscribe to our workforce management software.

If you are a fan of reducing your labor costs, simplifying your payroll process, and generally managing your business better, we think you’d be doing yourself a service by learning more about our time clock and payroll software. Keep reading to learn more about our scheduling, time clock, payroll, and task management platforms, in addition to the many benefits you’ll find in enlisting each service!

The Features Of Our Online Employee Scheduling Software

Whether you seek optimization and support in the form of scheduling, time clock, payroll, or task management, we’ve got you covered at Scheduling+ by combining them into one. With a drag-and-drop interface that diminishes common scheduling errors we are all prone to make, you can be more accurate with your scheduling. Our software also offers error-free time sheets pulled directly from the time clock data as an added benefit. Again, this takes away superfluous steps from the process while ensuring overall the precision of employee scheduling.

Now, let’s take a look at each service’s unique, time-saving benefits.

Employee Scheduling Software

  • Save time scheduling with easy drag and drop interface – ease-of-use was a chief priority when designing our easy-to-navigate user interface
  • View scheduled lunches to prevent stacking – when everyone is on the same page due to a centralized information source, you can save time by answering fewer questions
  • Stay within your labor budget – get a clear picture of a period’s coverage needs to help you budget accordingly
  • Reduce your overtime costs – set up a notification whenever an employee is approaching an overtime threshold for a pay period
  • Email and text employee schedules – say goodbye to employees being able to make excuses about not having access to the schedule!
  • Manage time off requests – do so on your phone when you are out on the go
  • Schedule overnight shifts – we have designed our platform to be intuitive because we ourselves are independent retailers who have engineered our software to be intuitive for independent retailers
  • Delegate tasks to employees – we will discuss this more later, as it pertains to our internal task management software

Time Clock Management

  • Timeclock available as a web-based, iOS or Android App – whichever you prefer, we’ve thought about it and made it available so you and your employees can be comfortable
  • Allow employees to clock in/out directly from their dashboard or the employee app – happy employees make for happy employers
  • Employees can view and manage assigned tasks directly from the TimeClock – Having one centralized hub for all employer/employee tasks allows your day-to-day operations to run with more efficiency
  • Limit the ability of an employee to clock in x minutes before his/her shift – if you have employees who like to test their boundaries, being able to reign them in automatically is easier than having repeated conversations
  • Option to require job codes on clock in – if you happen to manage or own a business that requires an added layer of security, we have you covered
  • Receive alerts as an employee approaches overtime or a preset number of hours – never be caught off guard by unexpected overtime allocations in your budget
  • Require photo on clock in/out to deter buddy punching – make buddy punching a thing of the past
  • Report missed shifts, late clock-ins, early clock outs, break times, and more

Payroll Software

  • Fully integrated with the scheduling platform – we offer payroll software for small businesses that completely ties in with our scheduling and time clock interface
  • Create accurate, error-free timesheets from Timeclock Data – cut down on the mistakes while saving time by reducing superfluous steps
  • Automatically track overtime and paid time off – say goodbye to manually keeping track of this data in your own spreadsheet
  • See detail of employee’s scheduled shifts directly on their timesheet – see what you need to see without poking around for five minutes to find what you need – our payroll program is as intuitive as it gets
  • Review scheduled payroll cost versus actual payroll cost – analyze where changes need to be made so that budgetary expectations lineup with reality
  • Require manager and employee timesheet approval prior to running payroll – payroll security is vital to the viability of your business – lose no sleep with our added layers of security
  • Lock TimeSheets after payroll data is exported to prevent tampering – again, you won’t lose any sleep at night because you’ll know that once a timesheet is approved and closed – it stays that way unless you need to change it
  • Export payroll reports for import into major payroll providers – we make the transfer process straightforward

Task Management Software

  • Assign employees tasks that automatically populate for them upon login – there’s no way they can miss it when they get notified of each and every task assigned to them
  • View and mark completed from TimeClock – whether you want to macro-manage or need to micromanage, all pertinent information will be easy to find and organize
  • Both recurring as well as one-time tasks – some tasks are daily, some are weekly, some are monthly, and some are a one-off
  • Keep up to date on task status within your store(s) easily – whether you are out on the go or in your store, task information is always at your fingertips due to our TimeClock and Employee Apps
  • Intelligent task assignment – if an employee isn’t able to perform a task, you can’t assign it
  • Ability to print task cards – if you have a particular task that needs to be posted in physical form, we took care of it
  • Email employee tasks – integration with your email is easy, so if you prefer to assign tasks from your Gmail or Outlook account, we’ve got you covered
  • Export task to PDF, CSV, and Excel – Again, we thought of it. We think you get the idea.

Spotlight: TimeClock & Employee Mobile Apps

In a future post, we will truly shine the proverbial spotlight on each benefit of our TimeClock and Employee Apps. For this post’s purposes, however, know that we include our innovative mobile apps which enhance the capacity of our web-based platform.

The TimeClock App affords managers the ability to set up a tablet of your choosing in the appropriate room, download the TimeClock App, and show your employees how to easily clock in and out! You can also view lunch schedules to prevent stacking, snap photos during clock in/out to inhibit buddy punching, and, perhaps most importantly, never have to post a paper schedule again in your life, since the app displays daily and weekly schedules.

The Employee App, on the other hand, is an easy-to-use application specifically designed for employees. They can view their schedule and receive notifications when changes are made. They can see who they’ll be working with, view assigned tasks, and even submit time-off requests as needed. Of course, they are able to clock in and out with the app if you want that feature included as well. You have the ability to customize our workforce management software to your organizational needs!

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed our highlighting of the many benefits found in our employee schedule-making software. We are passionate about what we do, and what we do is make the lives of our business-owning clients easier in a significant and practical way. If you are interested in scheduling a live demo with a Scheduling+ expert, don’t hesitate to make your 60-minute appointment today! We’d love to learn more about your business and see how we can save you time and money.