We’ve all been there: whether you run a restaurant, a day care, or a spa, you’ve been in a situation where your employees are unsure what to do, or you have multiple employees trying to do the same task, which leads to even more confusion. Most of your employees know what needs to be done. But how do you make sure the tasks that need to be done are getting done, and that the tasks that are frequently forgotten, aren’t?

Enter the best employee scheduling software and app by Scheduling+. Our workforce scheduling software has a plethora of features to help you better manage your employees, cut down on the time you spend scheduling employees, and help assign tasks so that everything does get done without a storm of madness at your place of business.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the advantages of scheduling tasks for your employees and how our employee scheduling software and app can help. Contact us today for a free demo!


Play to Employees’ Strengths

As humans, we are all amazingly unique in every way. We all have different things we are good at, such as playing music or singing, and different things we are not so good at, such as raking leaves or building figurines out of wood. As an employer, your employees bring different talents to the workforce as well. Some work great in a team environment, while others work great on tasks that require a lot of concentration and focus. Some employees love to talk to others, so client-facing roles suit them; other employees prefer to interact with numbers, so sitting at a computer all day long is their cup of tea.

As an employer, you need to know your employees’ strengths so you can maximize efficiencies in the workplace. Assigning tasks to do based off employees’ strengths not only saves time, but the quality of work that is produced is better as well. It’s just smart business practice. One way to do this is to get your employees involved. Most people love doing tasks that they are good at, so you can send out a survey and ask them. This survey can be general, such as asking questions about hobbies, or it can be more pertinent to your place of business, such as asking if they prefer to have direct interaction with customers or indirect.



Ensure Fairness

There will always be tasks that employees don’t like doing, but they do it because it’s part of the job and they value working for you. Some of these tasks may include emptying the trash, cleaning the bathroom or restocking the bathroom, or sweeping and mopping the floors. There are also some tasks related to your specific industry and your job that your employees don’t like doing. This can be preparing a presentation, or even mind-numbingly boring data entry. For these tasks, you must ensure they are shared equally, or you will end up creating resentment amongst your employees.

Also keep in mind that just because someone is good at something doesn’t mean they enjoy doing it. Many people are great at cleaning, but they don’t particularly enjoy doing it. They would rather be interacting with customers instead. As an employer, it’s easy to assign someone a task because you know the job will get done to your standards. However, in the interest of fairness, you must assign these onerous tasks to others who may not do quite as good of a job, but who need to share the workload for the sake of the many.

Another caveat you want to consider is that some employees are incapable of doing a task for various reasons, such having a peanut allergy that prevents them from cleaning up in the kitchen, or maybe a lack of training and skills to complete a task. Being mindful of this when assigning tasks to complete can eliminate any frustrations the employee may be feeling after having been assigned a task they can’t necessarily do.

With Scheduling+’s intelligent task assignment feature, you can tell the system which employees are qualified to do with task, and the system will assign that task to those qualified employees.  The system also won’t assign tasks to those unqualified to complete them. This makes it easy on you so you don’t accidentally assign the wrong task to someone and eliminates confusion and headaches when these mistakes do happen.

Make Checking Off The Tasks Fun!

Checking off tasks is not necessarily the funnest thing in the world. In fact, it can be downright annoying to some employees who may view checking off tasks completed as a way for you to see if they are doing their work or not. While this may be a part of the reason, many employees today want to feel enabled and treated like adults, rather than children with “assignments” and “homework” they have to finish.

One way to avoid this feeling is to make checking off tasks fun. There are many ways to do this, such as rewarding employees at the end of the day, creating contests amongst employees to see who can finish their tasks first, or other simple, little tools that on the surface may seem cheesy, but at a deeper, subconscious level your employees will appreciate and in the end feel good about.

Scheduling+’s amazing online scheduling software has many features you can use to make checking off tasks fun. For example, you can print off employee tasks onto some fun, festive or seasonal paper. When you email your employees their tasks, you can personalize the emails as well, adding in humor, fun facts, or upcoming employee birthdays. By making tasks fun and enjoyable, they won’t seem like tasks at all!


Let’s face it, in life there are many tasks that have to be done — some on a daily basis — if we want our work to be done and our lives to be easy. In the office place, many tasks need to be performed as well, some individual and some communal. By utilizing Scheduling+’s powerful workforce scheduling software, your regular tasks will be automated, and scheduling one-time tasks is easy. Your employees will be able to see the tasks and then will be able to check them off easily. You can check up throughout the day on what has been done, and you can even export the tasks. We have done our best to make assigning employee tasks for you easy for you and easy for the employee to complete. Contact us today for a free demo!