Four Ways Scheduling+ Can Help You Save Time and Money On Employee Scheduling

How much time do you or your managers spend on employee scheduling every week? A couple of hours? The better part of a day? The fact is, employee scheduling is a necessary but time-consuming task for just about every business, and there’s more to it than just assigning shifts. You have to manage a number of moving parts such as time-off requests and vacations, seasonal fluctuations in your business, and making sure you aren’t over- or under-scheduling employees. 

How can you optimize your scheduling process to free up your management team’s time for more strategic, complex, and interesting tasks aimed at growing your business? The answer lies in the comprehensive, easy-to-use software from GetSwift called Scheduling+. Keep reading to learn how our software was designed to address many of the most common scheduling problems and save you time.

Streamline Your Time

Create Schedules Faster

Making your own schedule on paper or even using spreadsheet software is cumbersome and doesn’t make your life easy when you have to make frequent changes. That’s why it’s important to invest in work scheduling software that has an intuitive design and user-friendly features that make it easy to use and will save you time.

With Scheduling+ we’ve designed our software to have all of the robust tools you’ll need, with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to make scheduling changes with the click of a button. See all of your employees’ schedules quickly and easily with customizable color-coding and calendar views that let you take a birds-eye view of the entire schedule or drill down to see specific employee, task, or calendar details.

Reduce Overtime Costs

For most businesses, schedules change often. Whether changes are needed to meet increased customer demand or to work around employee work preferences and time-off requests, one of the most common challenges of a frequently-changing schedule is over-scheduling certain employees. When you give some employees too many hours within a given week, you may be required to pay overtime. In some situations, overtime is necessary and justified, but oftentimes, overtime is a result of not having a good handle on your schedule. With Scheduling+, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips so you’ll always know just how many hours each person is scheduled and how making certain changes will affect your budget.

Simplify Communication

According to this article by a leading resource for small businesses, automating your scheduling process is key for improving communication with employees. The old-school way of using pen and paper to create and modify schedules not only takes significantly more time, using technology to communicate allows employees to have access to the most current work schedule and lets you notify employees of scheduling changes through simple text messages and emails. Using work scheduling software reduces miscommunications, makes it easier to do last-minute changes, and improves employee satisfaction.

Delegate Tasks

Communicating when employees need to be at work is one component of scheduling, but relaying details about specific tasks that need to be completed is another. According to an article by, employees spend a considerable amount of time at work doing non-work related activities. In fact, according to their survey, 23% of respondents said they waste time at work because they’re bored. While your employees may have more than enough work to do, assigning tasks to employees is a good way to ensure the necessary things are getting done and employees have a clear understanding of their job expectations.

Instead of spending all of your time sending emails back and forth to communicate task details, you can use our work scheduling software to make it part of your scheduling process by setting up recurring or one-time tasks, along with detailed descriptions for those employees you assign to them. Your staff can mark each task as complete using the app on any connected device. 

Simplify Employee Scheduling With Scheduling+ from GetSwift

If you dread having to create the employee schedule every week, you’re not alone. Business owners and managers know that inefficient scheduling can have a huge impact on labor costs. They also know that one single scheduling error can result in not having enough staff to cover shifts. If you want to have better control over scheduling and save money at the same time, the work scheduling software from GetSwift can help. Our user-friendly interface lets you modify schedules, evaluate labor costs, manage time-off requests, and delegate tasks to employees, among other things. Visit our website to learn more and schedule an appointment with one of our team members to see a live demonstration.