Communication is key when it comes to employee management. We all lead busy lives, and your employees want to be able to schedule their free time as well as their work time. By using Scheduling+’s powerful mobile scheduling app, your employees will appreciate having the knowledge they need right in the palm of their hands.

Scheduling+ also includes innovative mobile applications that enhance the capabilities of its web-based platform.  First is the TimeClock App for those that prefer not to use the web-based Timeclock software – simply download the Timeclock App to the tablet of your choice and mount it in the break room. Then you and your employees will be ready to reap the benefits of a streamlined, easy-to-use TimeClock App.

Next is the Employee App — never again can your employees complain they didn’t get the schedule, since you can email and text them notifications in addition to a host of other helpful features offered in our employee scheduling app. See below for some of the exciting features each of the apps has to offer!

TimeClock App:

Employee App: