When You Want Your Employees
to Be Using Their Phones

Delegating is most definitely the key as a small business owner. You will need many pairs of hands in order to offer up the best products and services for your customers. That being said, you also want to free up those hands so that they can be doing more valuable tasks for your business, such as using a whiteboard to explain your next product launch, rather than spending hours managing employees’ schedules.

Scheduling+ is the best mobile scheduling app for your small business. We actually have two different apps for you to use: one is the time clock app, or the other is the employee app. The time clock app serves as a central station for your employees to clock in and out once they are at work. The employee app is an app your employees can download on their phone, and once set up, they can then log their own time in and out on their personal devices. Contact us today for a free demo!

Features of the Best
Staff Management App

  • Use as a time clock app
  • Use as an employee app
  • Employees can view assigned tasks and mark them complete
  • Can require employees to clock in and out for lunches
  • Snaps photos as employees log in and out to prevent buddy punching
  • With the employee app, employees will receive notifications via email and/or text of their schedule and assigned tasks
  • Submit time off requests
  • Can scroll announcements to your staff
  • And so much more!

Mobile Apps

Communication is key when it comes to employee management. We all lead busy lives, and your employees want to be able to schedule their free time as well as their work time. By using Scheduling+’s powerful mobile scheduling app, your employees will appreciate having the knowledge they need right in the palm of their hands.

Scheduling+ also includes innovative mobile applications that enhance the capabilities of its web-based platform.  First is the TimeClock App for those that prefer not to use the web-based Timeclock software – simply download the Timeclock App to the tablet of your choice and mount it in the break room. Then you and your employees will be ready to reap the benefits of a streamlined, easy-to-use TimeClock App.

Next is the Employee App — never again can your employees complain they didn’t get the schedule, since you can email and text them notifications in addition to a host of other helpful features offered in our employee scheduling app. See below for some of the exciting features each of the apps has to offer!

TimeClock App

Employee App

Timeclock App

With this easy to use mobile app made just for employees, your staff can:

  • Mount a tablet in your break room where employees can clock in/out from the Timeclock App
  • View scheduled lunches to prevent stacking
  • Punches from the Timeclock App automatically sync with the S+ Application
  • Punches are also stored locally so you never have to worry about an Internet or power outage
  • Snaps photos when an employee clocks in/out to deter buddy punching (optional)
  • Show Important News and Announcements to your staff as they clock in for their shift
  • Never post another paper schedule again – the Timeclock App displays daily and weekly schedules
  • Employees can view assigned tasks and mark them complete directly from the Timeclock
  • Require employees to clock in and out for lunches and breaks (optional)
  • Employees can submit paid or unpaid time off request directly from the Timeclock

Employee App

With this easy to use mobile app made just for employees, your staff can:

  • View their schedule and receive notifications when a schedule is published or changes are made
  • Check out which staff members they will be working with on any given day
  • View assigned tasks and mark them complete
  • Receive notifications as new tasks get assigned to them
  • Submit paid or unpaid time off requests
  • Receive notifications when the request is approved or denied
  • Clock in and out for shifts (optional)
  • View messages posted by management and receive notifications when a new message is posted
Manage employee scheduling, time & attendance,
communication, and tasking all within Scheduling+.

Streamline Your Operation Today!

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