Payroll Software For Small Businesses: What We Offer

Our workforce management software has four main facets that make it a well-rounded option for any business owner looking to improve their workforce. These features include scheduling, time clock, payroll, and task management. In today’s blog, we want to specifically take a look at the payroll features of our software, as issues with payroll are often some of the most stressful for both employees and employers. 

At Scheduling+, our goal is to make payroll as simple, accurate, and compliant as possible. We do this by offering a payroll software within our product that integrates seamlessly and does the work for you. Keep reading below to learn about some specific advantages of our payroll software, or reach out to schedule your free demo and get started

Our Payroll Software Offers… 

Integration With Scheduling Platform

When it comes to transferring hours from time sheets to a payroll program, the term “lost in translation” seems to apply. Human error is unavoidable. Our payroll software helps prevent this by having an integrated system that automatically updates payroll based on clock-in and clock-out time. 

Error-Free Timesheets

As we mentioned, human error is common. However, when your employee’s paychecks depend on accuracy, you need to make sure your timesheets are accurate and a software can help ensure that.

Overtime And PTO Tracking

Our payroll software can automatically account for time-and-a-half payment when employees work overtime and can ensure employees are only paid for PTO days that they have accrued. Best of all, you can determine how paid time off is accrued, whether it is given as a lump-sum at the beginning of the year or earned slowly overtime. 

Scheduled Payroll Cost Versus Actual Payroll Cost

You can use our payroll software to determine if your scheduled payroll costs are lining up with your actual payroll costs. If you are paying your collective employees more than expected, you might be able to cut back by not scheduling employees for overtime. 

Manager And Employee Approval Before Running Payroll

Running payroll and then discovering errors is such a hassle. Our payroll software can require both managers and employees to approve their timesheets before running payroll. 

Tamper Prevention

Managers have the ability to lock timesheet access after payroll has been submitted to prevent employees from tampering with them.

Easy Export To Major Payroll Providers

Finally, our payroll software can export reports to all of the major payroll providers for a hands-off approach to paying your employees for their hard work. 

Demo Our Payroll Management Software Today!

If you are tired of doing payroll by hand, know that there is a better way. Our workforce management software includes hefty payroll features that make paying your employees easy, accurate, and efficient. 

At Scheduling+, our goal is to provide businesses of any size with comprehensive and scalable software that can optimize the way their business is run. From scheduling employees and allowing them to clock in and out to ensuring they are paid correctly for their hours, our software does it all. 

Reach out today to schedule a demo of our workforce management and payroll software today!