Scheduling+ offers a complete suite of workforce management services in a single, unified platform. Because we are independent retailers ourselves, we’ve been able to engineer and design our scheduling, task managing, time clock, and payroll programs to be intuitive, based on the practical, daily needs of our clients. As many of our clients have attested, the fact that our payroll software was designed by retailers for retailers makes a significant impact in term of usability.

In the world of online payroll system software, payroll apps, and even payroll programs for small business, we understand that it’s no easy task to find and then sift through a set of potential providers. If you are looking to include your payroll program as a part of your overall WFM software (workforce management), you want to be doubly careful with regards to selecting a qualified provider. The trouble is, business owners and managers tend to wear so many hats that it can be difficult to give each provider their due-diligence in reference to weighing their pros and cons.

Luckily, we make it easy on businesses of all sorts and sizes here at Scheduling+. Our payroll program is completely integrated with our overall scheduling platform, which means you have seamless, streamlined information with no possibility for user error when importing and exporting data. On top of that, we make the exporting process a simple one, so that you can transfer all pertinent data into the payroll processing software utilized by whichever major payroll provider you might use.