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What Our Clients Are Saying About Scheduling+

In today’s post, we’d like to take the time to let our clients do a little bit of marketing for us. After all, we could be here writing about our own virtues until our face turns blue (or, perhaps more accurately, our busy fingers typing away), but there isn’t much else out there like a quality testimonial from a client who was once in your shoes. That is, they once had a choice to make in determining which payroll software and employee scheduling software provider to go with, and, spoiler alert; they went with us at Scheduling+!

Why Reviews Matter To Us

You might be wondering why we are devoting an entire blog post to shining the spotlight on a few of our favorite testimonials. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, we believe that in today’s day and age, someone taking the time to leave a positive review is worth its weight in gold…or make that cryptocurrency. Regardless, from a psychological perspective, it’s much more natural for someone to leave a negative review if they haven’t received a service or product that they are satisfied with. This makes sense, too; people who pay their hard-earned money for said product or service expect to be satisfied.

On the other hand, it speaks to a company’s merits if you see a business with some exceptionally positive testimonials or reviews. It means that this business goes above and beyond expectations, because people have already paid their legal tender in the transaction. But they have felt compelled to let others know this organization deserves your stamp of approval.

That being established, we cherish these positive reviews because we’d much more like to think of ourselves as the latter type of business described above. Luckily, we have some positive reviews to back that desire up!

Ace Hardware

One of our favorite clients is Ace Hardware. As you’ll be able to tell from the overwhelmingly positive reviews we’ll showcase below, they are pretty big fans of working with us as well. And while they are certainly great people over there, we suspect they aren’t the type to offer up such words of affirmation unless there is some substance to our services and software. That being said, keep reading if you are interested in learning what kind of products and customer service we provide our customers with here at Scheduling+.

“This tool is a phenomenal leap forward in helping me to better manage my business”

“This tool is a phenomenal leap forward in helping me to better manage my business. The recent addition of a time clock was well thought through and my employees love it. Based on everything that we use Scheduling + for, it’s a real bargain. What’s more, I now have more time to take care of our customers.” – Perry Garrett – Ace Hardware

When you add our employee time tracking software with our host of other features and benefits, we agree that we make streamlining your workforce operations an affordable thing to do. Hearing something like that from a paying, satisfied customer is even better though! Thanks, Perry, we appreciate the sentiment.

“I now have all of the information I need at my fingertips”

“I now have all of the information I need at my fingertips to build a more efficient staffing schedule for my store. I can build a schedule, assign tasks for my team to execute, approve or deny time off requests, and assess my labor budget in a snap. This tool makes my job easier.”  – Tommy Ross – Ace Hardware

Tommy, thanks for taking the time to let us know how your experience has gone while working with us at Scheduling+. We are thrilled you find our platform intuitive, useful, and worth the subscription fee. The added bonus that you are now more able to take care of your customers is just icing on the cake! Thanks again, Tommy, for both your business and your kind words.

“It has made our employee scheduling so much more efficient.”

“I’ve been blown away by the Scheduling+ software – the amount of data I can see and the integration with our POS system has been a life saver – we’re now able to track who is doing what, and it has made our employee scheduling so much more efficient…I’d definitely recommend this tool!”  – Steve Avery – Ace Hardware

The ability to assign daily, weekly, monthly, or one-off tasks is invaluable to many businesses. Throw in the fact that we, as independent retailers, have designed our platform to be intuitive and practical for independent retailers means we hear this kind of thing quite a bit. Not to toot our own horn by any means, we just want to point out a massive benefit clients of ours tend to highly value. Steve, we are thrilled you are pleased with the integration and the amount of useful data you have at your fingertips. Thanks for taking the time to let us and others know how we are doing, Steve!

“I am blown away by your quick response time”

“I am blown away by your quick response time to questions and turnaround time for updates. Scheduling+ is exceeding my expectations and I am thrilled!!! Thank you a million times over…” – Beth Patrick – Ace Hardware

The previous testimonials dealt mainly with our employee scheduling software and its platform’s ease-of-use. We wanted to include Beth’s testimonial here because she chose to speak to our customer service levels. As Beth has attested, we are dedicated to our customers in our responsiveness and our commitment to finding tailored solutions they are satisfied with. Thanks for your business and kind words, Beth!

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Those Ace Hardware folks are high-quality, salt-of-the-earth folks, we tell ya. But again, they aren’t making this stuff because we asked them to; they relay this information because we’ve saved their business time and money by streamlining their internal daily processes. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in learning more about us at Scheduling+ and our workforce management software. Schedule your free demo today!