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Workforce Management Software In The News: Food Newsfeed

Businesses these days rely on technology for nearly every aspect of their day-to-day activities, regardless of the industry they are in. The team at Scheduling+ knows this, which is why we were proud to be featured in a February 2019 article by Food Newsfeed. Food Newsfeed is a leader in providing the latest restaurant and food industry news.  If you’re curious about what’s happening in the food industry, Food Newsfeed can tell you. 

Today, we’ll take some time to summarize our feature in the article titled “With New Acquisitions, GetSwift Just Made Last-Mile Delivery More Complete.” GetSwift, who recently acquired Scheduling+, is a leader in last-mile delivery software. Their acquisition of Scheduling+ as well as their home delivery software, Delivery Biz Pro, go hand-in-hand. As more companies, especially farm-to-table produce providers, look to grow their business and improve their delivery services, they will also need to ensure their staff is efficiently managed. That’s where Scheduling+, an employee scheduling software, comes in. Check out this excerpt from the article which explains more: 

“GetSwift also acquired Scheduling+, which offers a comprehensive suite of staff-management services. As more companies look to improve their delivery operations, they have found they also need staffing solutions to go along with it.

Meanwhile, the ability to more efficiently manage the shifts of growing workforces of drivers, cyclers, and dispatchers using big data and AI has become an important demand for restaurants and kitchens. “Employee scheduling is a major pain point for many of our customers. Integrating Scheduling+ into GetSwift’s platform provides a best-in-class scheduling solution for our clients—one that will fully integrate into our platform,” Hunter [CEO of GetSwift] said.”

What This Means For Our Users

So, what does the above have to do with those who rely on Scheduling+ to manage their employee shifts, tasks, and responsibilities? Thankfully, it only means you are getting an even bigger team of support. If you also utilize Delivery Biz Pro, the delivery management software owned by the same company as Scheduling+, then you have the best of both worlds. Because both of these companies were already excelling at their niche, they are truly experts in their relative fields. Now that they are owned by the same company, you can expect a more cohesive mission for these two software companies that fully integrate into one another without relying on third-party programs. 

If you do not use Delivery Biz Pro and have another non-delivery based business such as a retail store or restaurant, don’t worry. All that this acquisition means for you is that your employee scheduling software provider, Scheduling+, is going to be continually developing into a better and more comprehensive workforce management software that handles many aspects of your business including scheduling, payroll TimeClock, and task management. GetSwift is a pioneer in the SaaS (software as a service) market and is constantly ahead of the curve when it comes to giving business owners the tools they need to do it all themselves. 

Want to know more about the acquisition of Scheduling+ and Delivery Biz Pro by GetSwift? You can read the full Food Newsfeed article here

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